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Ground Contacts

Plyos are a great tool, but be very careful not to fall in love with them.

Everytime you land or create impact, you are stressing joints. We call them ground contacts.

Don’t go jump crazy especially if your body is not used to the volume. Ease into it.

100 hurdles a week is a good recipe for knee surgery. 

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Benoit Pouliot

NHL Player

Brandon Prust

NHL Player

Eric Gelinas

NHL Player

Jakub Voracek

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Jiri Hudler

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Kris Letang

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Rory Macdonald

MMA Fighter / UFC

What is APC

Adrenaline performance center is a sport training facility that specializes in strength and conditioning. Primarily focused on athletic performance enhancement, the center caters to the needs of elite athletes, up and coming athletes as well as everyday people wanting to improve their overall health and well being through conditioning. Jon Chaimberg, one of the founders, as well as the head coach at the athletic performance center, is a renowned figure in the world of fitness. Mr. Chaimberg has appeared in numerous publications in the Canada, the U.S. and online. He has clients in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, the National Hockey League, Major League of Baseball, the Canadian Wrestling Association and professional boxers.

Adrenaline Performance Center opens its doors to the public in the form of memberships, classes and personal training sessions which will create new business opportunities for some as well as a new training experience.

Our Services fit well within the current fitness landscape. Trends lead to more specialized types of training as opposed to the traditional weight lifting gym settings. With the increased popularity of Cross fit training, enthusiast are looking for greater personal challenges and for ways of pushing their physical abilities. The Athletic Performance Center's training system is unique and highly sought-after.

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