Our Team

  • Jonathan Chaimberg

    Jonathan Chaimberg Trainer / Owner

    JONATHAN CHAIMBERG is one of the most dedicated and respected trainers/strength coaches in North America. He has been training both elite athletes and the general public for over 15 years. A former national wrestler, he is now the strength coach for many athletes on Canada\'s National Wrestling team. In addition, Jonathan trains some of mixed martial arts and hockey\'s most accomplished athletes preparing innovative programs for their benefits. In the last few years, he has added to his already impressive clientele list, including Georges St-Pierre, Jakub Voracek, Rory MacDonald, Jiri Hudler, Kris Letang, Rashad Evans, Vasek Pospisil, Jean Pascal, Martine Dugrenier, Gia Missouri, Brandon Prust, Anthony Duclair and Eric Gelinas. He trains athletes in the NHL, MLB, World Tennis association, MMA and the world Boxing Association. Mr Chaimberg is also the strength and conditioning editor of Canada\'s #1 fitness magazine \"Inside Fitness \" Some of his fitness programs have been featured on UFC Primetime as well as the Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV. He has also filmed clips for ESPN.

  • Christophe Pommier

    Christophe Pommier Trainer/Owner

    One of the owners at APC, Christophe has honed his skills by working under the tutelage of Jonathan Chaimberg. He started his career as a parachutist in the French army. In addition, Christophe is a Blackbelt in Kyokushin as well as Wing Chun. His martial arts background combined with several training certifications including Level 1 and 2 TRX Training brings a very unique training style to group classes as well as his private training clientele. His clientele consists of regular people looking to get back in shape all the way to elite level athletes such as NHL hockey players and UFC fighters.


    ÁNGEL ZAZO Trainer

    Motivator and enthusiast, ÁNGEL ZAZO is in constant search of the most effective and innovative forms of training. Whether applying his creative design to personally tailored training programs or to his lively strength and conditioning circuits, he is devoted to keeping his clients smiling and helping them achieve their goals. Ángel grew up in the Dominican Republic where he practiced many sports and developed his passion for understanding the human body. There, he was a teacher of physical education and of Shito Ryu Karate and Self-defense, being a 3rd degree black belt in both disciplines. Now living in Canada he has developed his career in the fitness world as a trainer at APC gym, under the mentorship of Jon Chaimberg, and as part of Alex \\\"The Dominican Nightmare\\\" Garcia\\\'s training camp for his UFC fights.

  • Sam Doucette

    Sam Doucette Trainer

    Son of a all-Canadian football player, Sam has grown up on fields, gyms , and courts his whole life. He has worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from adolescents, professional athletes to senior citizens. He currently holds certifications in CFSC, NCCP, OFC and has over 300 placement hours of clinical athletic therapy. He focuses on improving range of motion with his clients. Recruited nationally for CIS football, Sam now practices Brazilian Jujitsu and competes in amateur Mixed Martial Arts. What ever your fitness goals are, Sam is here to provide his services and support!